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Year of the Ox - January 26th

Mar. 19th, 2009 | 05:30 pm

Those who know me well know I delight in the hobby of Horoscope, Chinese and Vietnamese especially, and am a Bona-Fide, Fire Breathing Dragon Taurus, complete with fangs, horns, wings, scales and a whipping thorny tail =)

As 2008 comes to a close and 2009 starts us up I wanted to share with everyone the supposed 'presciprtion for the future'.  I'm especially interested in sharing this because regardless of the alignment of the stars, it's straight up plum good advice! 

Besides, the year of the Ox is one where we are demanded to work hard, save lot of money, lay low and be extra cautious.  It's not wise to get ahead of a running Ox, or get in it's way, unless you want to get trampled and gorged.  The Ox expects us to work just as hard as he does, and if you've heard the cliche's regarding an Ox you know what they expect.  Regardelss of the supernatural indicators, just a glance at our current economic situation and the political change that will take place heeds this same advice.

I'd love to hear what you have to say about your prescription for the year, and won't it be fun to revisit when the year is up to see how accurate the projection was?

This particular author, Suzanne White, is a favorite of mine.  Funny and more spot on than most of the other chinese horoscope writers out there. 


If you're interested in really blowing your mind click on the "New Astrology Signs" and see if it's true!


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Feb. 5th, 2009 | 08:44 am
location: Work
mood: aggravatedaggravated
music: Silence

For those of you *know* what hell my life has been the last three years, I gotta tell you after what I have been through, there doesn't seem to be anything that can touch me now.  But that doesn't stop chaos from happening and it's been a rough week.  Bad news about Mom, stress about work and coughing my head off terrified I would get sick (I have negative sick pay, that's when they put the little hyphen in front of it on your paycheck) running home to feed pets every night and trying to live out of a suitcase, let's just say it's been stressful.  (The women feel me, right?)  But I've never been happier so it is both sides of the teeter-totter and I just gotta get through this. 

So last night JonE, Eric and I show up at the house, run of the mill stop to check on everything and I look in the mail.  Low and behold there is a Notice of Eviction!  Holy Realty Calamity Batman!  The letter is dated Feb 2nd and states I have one day to vacate before they start eviction proceedings (what was yesterday, the 4th?  So this is 2 days after the fact).  The letter is full of threats for fees, seizures and other bullshit and I'm thinking "Am I gonna show up and the locks have been changed?  How can one pack and move in one day?  Did I water the plants recently?"  The floor is moving, my head is swirling and I'm trying to decide if it's really worth getting upset over. 

The irony is that I had planned on moving out and faxed my 45 day notice that very day.  Now, get this, there is a 180% rental fee for breaking the lease.  Since my rent is $1245.00 that comes to $2,241 smackers.  And here these guys are sending me a letter about evicting me, and charging me $200.00 for not paying rent and they will be missing out on my $3,486!!!

I did drop off rent, on Friday, and I used a WAMU ATM Deposit envelope.  I'm thinking to myself "did they just toss the envelope thinking it was trash?" I wrote "Prime Properties" on the outside, so it would really take someone not paying attention to miss it.  So odd.

So I called the guy today - got voice mail, yay!  My favorite.  I also sent him email and I'm sitting here with fingers crossed hoping everything plays out without too much grief.  In the meantime I'm fine, I don't really have to 'hold it together'.  In the last 3 years I almost died, got my heart broken, almost lost my job, got robbed - oh, ahem, - burglarized, lost a family friend to murder, dealt with my Mothers declining health and a divorce in the family.  Eviction-shmamiction.  Who do they think they're messing with?

As I wait for them to call me back I think about my friends, and how supportive they are, and I decided to write you all and ask for your prayers and advice during this inconvenience!  I know there's nothing that can break me, but hell, paperwork sucks!


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The Year not New

Dec. 31st, 2008 | 09:32 am

I'm baffled by the ceremonious markers our culture uses as thresholds to dictate when and where their efforts change. Granted, it is nice to have flags as reminders to stay on the beaten path, especially when we stray so far from the desires of our hearts and the goals of our minds, but why must it be a public statement? And do we require ceremony? To pass us onto something new? And to what end? To divide us from the rest of the animal kingdom that roams the earth? To show we are domestic and progressive? As I set out to celebrate the passage of time because of a new calendar year, my supposed 'list of resolve', doesn't change from the creed I carry every day.

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stolen givings

Dec. 31st, 2008 | 08:43 am

when i awoke
the world was strange
the colors more vibrant
the scents more stayed
unfamiliar to me, I sensed a change

'something is missing'
a thought i could taste
the imbalance unsettling
the hollow unchaste
what is it? i thought
what changed in the space?

i reached for my conscious and touch my soul... still there
i reached for my thoughts and touch my mind... still there
i reached for my honor and found my courage... still there

i sat bewildered
'something has changed'
my paradigm pulsing
my ground rearranged

then i saw you and our smiles brewed
eyes lit like fire, and passion ensued
it was then i could see, when i peeked through the maze
lead by the hand from the depth of your gaze,
like i normally do, into layers of you

found in your chest, you'll never guess
the surprise that came, the delight my eyes met
for beating in time, same cadence of rhyme
was not just your heart, but beside it, was mine

then i knew, why i felt so new

in the sleep of a dream, and a time in a place
when you held me and touched me, when eyes were ablazed
i opened inside, and took down the guard
removing from me, my most cherished part

i had given to you for tender safe keeping
to protect from the weather and villians of creeping
the only thing to me worth the stars
my lifeline
my core store
my spirit
my heart...

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electric rain

Dec. 21st, 2008 | 11:00 am
mood: nostalgicnostalgic

you exude a flow
that currents
into me
down cascading plains
pushing my senses
past boundary
blurry with fury
compounding me
one point
reaches all points
from your tender
shapes, curves, skin
my mind is thin
my body wins
and drinking this in
makes drunken limbs
unsteady trembles
.stop. start, begin...
gravity's heir
once silently there
is speaking in volume
through your magnetic stare
and I feel what I’ve always seen
you posses an alchemy
that ordinary flees
so precious can breed
and a transformation
has come to be

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(no subject)

Apr. 23rd, 2008 | 02:03 pm

Thank god I'm able to reuse the same user name and password for everythign I register, join or add myself to.  Otherwise I don't think I would ever remember how to get back to any of them.  Do I like computers enough to have this many memberships?  No.  Am I on a computer long enough at work to have time to do such things?  Yes.  Do I get on my computer at home? Rarely.  However, how many computers do I have at home? 3!  No wonder...

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